Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We love our pediatric dentist. Dr. Grace Yum practices in Chicago on Lincoln Ave. My daughter Samantha LOVES going to "Yummy Dental" because of her. The office is set up as if you are going on  a fun trip. Each time we go in, Sam gets a boarding pass (to Hawaii or Disney Land or some other fun place). She is called when it is time to board. While getting her work done, she watches the inflight movie of her choice. You even get a picture to take home at the end of your "trip." (When we got home, Sam hung it on our fridge....using our Yummy Dental magnet of course.) Can you imagine having so much fun at the dentist?

Dr. Yum bought a few pieces of mine that were being sold at the coffee shop down the street from her office. Here, I have taken her logo and made it into an 8x10 piece for her as well. Though we don't have an appointment for awhile, I'm hoping to drop it off soon.