Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Under the Influence of Art-William Wegman

Although next week is officially the last week of class, I usually make that class more of a celebration by decorating cookies (artfully of course) with the kids. So, this week we learned about our final artist of the session. To end things on a light and fun note, I chose William Wegman. We looked at two books he created and then went on tor create our own dog pictures. Since this was somewhat of a short project, when they were all done, the children took turns standing infront of the class to explain their artwork and answer questions. It was fun to see all of the things their dogs could do, from eating at restaruants to gardening and scuba diving. 

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  1. Those little imaginations really were working, awesome! :)

    Hey Rachel, another blogger Buddy has just started an Etsy team for people like yourself who create work for/with kids, here is a link to their new blog.


    I did a Q. &. A. with Brad a few months back, love his work

    Here is his blog :)


    Hope your weekend is going well, T. :)