Thursday, September 17, 2009

Giveaway Winner Transformation Revealed

Two weeks ago today I announced the winner to my first giveaway, Michele P. She had sent in a picture her 7-year-old daughter drew. Through e-mails, I worked with Michele and her daughter to come up with the picture you see above. 
First, I sent them a jpeg of what I was working on. I asked if Deja, the artist, wanted any colors changed or anything added. She liked the colors, but she wanted some clouds added, along with some heart apples on the trees. She also decided to send me her name, in her own writing, so I could incorporate that into the final piece. 

One of the e-mails I received from Michele during the process:
“Deja had a look at this earlier tonight before she went to bed and she agreed that it is just wonderful! I admit, it has been lots of fun emailing back and forth and seeing the results of her artwork transformed into a keepsake that will last for many years. I do appreciate all your attention to detail and wanting to make sure everything is just right... and as we can tell, everything is perfect!  Thanks so much! Have a wonderful week!”

The picture was mailed out a week later, and I just got the e-mail that it has been received:
“I got it yesterday and we opened it when Deja came home from school so we could see it together.  Even grandma was there for the occasion....and we all loved it! I just love the raised texture to the drawing itself...I definitely want to do this again, because it is so fun and also such a lovely keepsake of her artwork. I thank you so much because before I saw your site I never thought that something like this actually existed, I have never seen something so unique before. These also would make lovely gifts...”

Thank you to Michele for the kind words and to Deja for actively participating! 

And speaking of gifts, if you don’t have a little one of your own, I also offer gift certificates. These are great for a sister or a friend with a child. They can pick out the drawing they want me to transform, and I’ll be happy to work on it! Feel free to contact me at,, leave a comment here, or convo me on etsy....thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. I really like those last two pictures they look great

  2. AWESOME ART!!!!

    Just beautiful.

    Regards, T.

  3. What a fun idea you've invented.

    Great blog, too.

    Claire, from Heartspace

  4. This is such a unique way to save the kids work and create beautiful art too. Great blog!

  5. You will not be disappointed with her work! I can't wait for my little artist to make another special drawing that I want to keep forever :) And with the holidays coming, these are perfect gifts for grandma and grandpa and other relatives too.