Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine on a Dine

For Valentine's Day in Under the Influence of Art, we learned about Jim Dine. He has so many great heart pictures. They're all different, but they have some elements that tie them together. In other words, he has a recognizable style. 

The students folded their paper into 8 sections and were told to draw different hearts in each section. Then they could color them as they wished. I let them choose from paint, water colors, pastels, oil pastels, markers, sharpies, crayons and colored pencils. They could do them all in the same medium or mix them up. You can clearly see how all their hearts are different, yet they each have a unique style that unifies the whole picture. Everyone did a fabulous job.

After I took these pictures, if they wanted, the students could cut them out to make 4 or 8 valentine cards. A few chose to do this, and a couple even made theirs into booklets. I love when they get creative and make the project their own.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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