Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Under the Influence of Jean Debuffet

The Big Chicago Blizzard of 2011 started yesterday afternoon. I was so happy that my after-school art class had not been cancelled, as I was very excited for this project. My husband had taken the afternoon off work, so he drove me to school and picked us up after class as the snow really started to fall. Today was the first SNOW DAY Chicago Public Schools have seen in a looong time. And I just found out, tomorrow is another snow day! Tomorrow is my big art day, where I teach preschoolers at 11:30 and Under the Influence after school. (It's also my 40th birthday.) I was planning on reading Birthday Books to the preschoolers and decorating boxes for presents. Though the presents would be cute, the birthday books were not my favorite. So, next week we'll probably move on to something else.

I'm posting the pictures from Under the Influence's Tuesday class now, as there will not be one on Thursday. I hope all of my students enjoy their 2nd SNOW DAY....see you all next week! 

This week we learned about Jean Debuffet, a French painter who was fascinated by the art of children and the insane. What a perfect artist for my class: we've got children, and a teacher who might be a bit crazy at times : ).

The students drew pictures (mostly animals or people) with pencil, traced over them in black sharpies and colored them in heavily with crayon. Next, they crumpled the paper up in a ball a few times, flattened it out and then went over it in water color, giving it a fun kind of energy. I love how all of these turned out!

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