Thursday, February 10, 2011

I heart art

For PreK Lunch Art today, we read Valentine books. The graphic designer in me loves 'My Heart is Like a Zoo' because it shows all different animals, made up of heart shapes. ;1•2•3 Valentine's Day; is a cute counting book with a clever ending, and 'If you'll Be My Valentine' is a sweet book with a nice rhyme. We also read 'Love Bugs,' which is a small pop-up book, but I can't seem to find that one now (thank goodness it's the one I own, and not from the library).
I chose to do a classic construction paper heart for the craft today. There are so many things to do with hearts, and so many projects that tell you exactly what to do, but I always liked the basic paper heart. I helped the kids with the folded shape, they did the cutting and presto, a giant heart for them to decorate as they pleased. I put out stickers, markers, stamps, crayons and foam shapes. After these pictures were taken, some of them decided to add some glitter as well.

With our class size growing, I realize the projects will have to stay quite simple. I want to give the kids enough time to eat a good lunch, which works well because that's when I do the reading. With 5 children, all working at their own pace I have to be sure the project isn't too complicated as to where some can't finish. And then there's clean up! Today's project worked well because some of it was structured (they all did hearts), they got to practice cutting, and some of it was open (they could choose how much or how little they wanted to decorate their hearts). After I tied ribbon to the hearts, some of them had fun running around in circles with their 'heart kites.'
Happy Valentine's Day!

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