Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Talk To Me Tuesday!

This week it's all about Babazoobee (what a great name). Here it is, in her own words:

What got me started in the business 
a huge desire to create, a recognition of the need to use less newly-created materials - thereby reducing our footprint on this planet, a need for more natural playthings and wear-things for my own child, and a history with and love of all things baby!

I have been creative all my life, but I haven't been selling my stuffs for very long - My shop opened in October, but I really got into things this new year!

Before this (and along with this) I was/am 
a stay at home mom of 2 beautiful girls (5 years and 16 months). In the past I worked for years in a baby boutique shop, I've been a carpenter's apprentice, a counsellor in group homes...a theater set and lighting designer....a roadie for a radio station roadshow...um...plenty more...

I have the luck to be working with items that have a history of their own. My designs originate in the materials themselves, along with whatever new technique I feel like trying out. I love "cute" things, and soft things.. so many of my designs come from there.

to describe my work: Original, one-of-a-kind, Beautiful
to describe me: Scattered, Creative, Loyal

My favourite pieces are 
my dolls..I have many plans to continue with them and improve my work...The cutest and therefore most popular piece I have are the MONSTER FOOTIES - I'm in the process of trying to recreate them in a larger size for an order...

My most productive time of day is 
obviously after the kids are in bed (!!).. but usually between 930pm and 1am... doesn't make for a good nights' sleep tho)

One thing I can't live without
My sewing machine, currently. But everyone else would say my computer. I don't qualify my family as "things" but they're necessary too.

I'm still new enough at this that my desire to please outweighs my worry about the time it takes to create each piece. I'm also still THRILLED with each sale - I get a high that lasts days - on ETSY and off!

The name of the shop came from my older daughters' nickname for my youngest daughter!!!

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  1. thanx so much for posting my interview!!! this too will give me a high that lasts for days!