Friday, May 6, 2011

Simplicity Rules

We learned about Keith Haring in Under the Influence of Art this week. On Tuesday, after talking about his style and looking at pictures of his work, I had two projects the kids could work on. One was a small picture, using what we learned about color, bold lines, simple shapes and symbols.

The other was a large-scale outline of their bodies, reflective of what we learned about Keith Haring’s large chalk drawings he did in the NY subways.

The students really got into these projects, and they worked until the last second, with some work left unfinished. So I decided to scale back for the Thursday class. Instead, we stuck with the smaller pictures, something I suggested might make a nice Mother’s Day gift. And, instead of doing a full-scale outline, we usd the large roll paper as ‘Keith Haring-inspired’ wrapping paper.

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