Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lovin' Lyle

One of my favorite books is "Lyle the Crocodile." I love the illustrations as much as I love Lyle. My daughter and I enjoy checking out all the Lyle books from the library (there are several). We've even seen "Lyle the Musical" and own the catchy soundtrack.

I picked up "Lyle the Crocodile" the last time I visited the library, along with "Lyle Walks the Dogs," (a counting book I had never seen before). In PreK Art Lunch we started by reading the original "Lyle." It's a long book, so I decided to go right to the craft when we were done. We made .... wait for it ....crocodiles! I showed the girls how to fold the paper like a fan for the body. Then I let them cut out the head, eyes and tail on their own. They added the googly eyes and then were free to dress up their crocs however they chose.

Kaylee gave hers a bow, Beatrice added a flowery hat and Madi made a nice scarf. I love how they all use their imaginations to create something unique.

The popsicle stick legs allow them to use their crocs as puppets, which they did a bit of in the final few minutes of class.

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