Friday, January 7, 2011

Busy Art Day

Yesterday is my big art day at school. I teach a PreK Art Lunch class (see previous post), and I also teach another "Under the Influence" after school class. There are a lot of students signed up for my Thursday class, so I have a lot of art to show off. Again, we learned about Romare Bearden. I am planning on keeping my Tuesday and Thursday art classes the same. If there is a child who comes to both (like my children), I try to encourage them to take the project a step further. So, we did initials again this time (see Tuesday's post), but my son decided to do a picture collage to shake things up a bit.
I love how all of these turned out!

Thursday is a big class, and this was a fairly complicated project to start the semester, with lots of steps. The kids all did a great job!

Note: In the future, I will probably just combine these two classes to make up one post.

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