Friday, April 15, 2011

Free to Be You & Me

This was our last week of classes this session, and it’s the week before Spring Break, so I wanted to do something a little different in my classes. 

In Tuesday’s Under the Influence class, we briefly reviewed some of the things we learned this session, and then the students were free to draw whatever they wanted, in whatever medium was available. Not having a lesson was a challenge to a few of them, as it was very difficult for them to decide what to draw, but eventually everyone came up with something.

Thursday I was planning to do the same thing. Before class I found out the Movie Making after school class was premiering their movie in the auditorium. So after drawing for a bit, we took a “field trip” to see “The Dark Side of the School....the story of the Fluffy Ruler”—or some such title I can’t seem to remember. It was a fun show and looks like a great clss. When we returned to the room, everyone was ready to finish up their pictures. I enjoyed seeing the variety of subjects drawn and processes used to complete them.

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