Thursday, July 22, 2010

We are a Family

What's that old saying...the cobbler's kids never have new shoes? Something like that right? Well, if I was a cobbler, my kids would be running around barefoot (ok, they do anyways). As it is, they have been lacking in the custom art area lately. I originally started turning Ethan's art into Raspberries, and even though he's been busy working on Pokemon battle drawings and a new comic  ("Hot Dog and the Stampede of Evil Popcorn" about a hot dog with super powers), I have thankfully saved much of his older work, when he was more into drawing girls, fairies and mermaids.

That being said, I haven't done nearly as much with Samantha's drawings (let's not even get into the issues of being the 2nd child!). And she has so many adorable drawings that have inspired me. I finally carved out some time to finish a piece she created a while back. I'm looking forward to doing more. : )


  1. OMG, How wonderful! I love this.

  2. Wow, I wish I had your talent!! My kids are grown but I wish I could have saved their art work like this!

  3. Wow! Stunning! I am a preschooler teacher, so seeing how much effort you put into your children's work makes me smile :) Love it!