Saturday, July 17, 2010

This Little Piggy Needs a Name

Introducing my new pig line! This little piggy can do anything: touch his toes, fly through the air, jumprope, juggle, name it! Speaking of "naming it," that's the one thing this pig does not have. A name! I'm looking for a name that will suit this pig in all of his adventures. He's ready to make his first appearance on etsy, but how do I introduce him without a name?Whomever comes up with the name I end up using will get an 8x10 matted print of their choice (choose from the pig pictures below).

Just comment here and let me know what you think he should be named. Remember to leave a way for me to contact you if your name is the chosen one!


  1. Oh he is adorable Rachel :)

    As soon as I saw him I thought "Percy"

    Percy the Happy Pig :)

    Have a wonderful day, T. :)

  2. Plumpy the Pig? I love the "flying pig" concept in the first picture. :)

  3. Call them adorable! I'm a pig lover and can't wait to see them in your shop!

  4. Oh, I was so excited I forget about a name. How about Spammy, Hammy (because they like to ham it up) or Spamalot. Magnum PIg. Pork Chop. Snortin' Norton.

    Okay, I'll stop now. Good luck with this line!

  5. So cute!!!!

    Hammaford Hampton!


  6. These are so darn cute!

    I would name him "Petie". "Petie the Pig"!

    Lol... :)

  7. Love the Flying Pig...Since there's that saying "When Pigs Fly" you could call him "Can do" As in it'll happen when Pigs Fly - but I also keep thinkin' Willie the Piggy - or Will the Pig for short : ) Kathy,

  8. Happy Spammpy
    Sir Pigford
    Pringle Pig
    Sprig Pig


  9. I've been thinking that I need to send you some of Abi's artwork since you have done some for Alex but not for Abi! Then I see this on your website. Abi absolutely LOVES pigs!! We've been collecting them for years, and I think I will have to add some of your prints to her room decor! Anyway, Abi tends to name all her piggies "Oinky." Not super original, but certainly easy to remember ;-) What about Sir OinksAlot? I guess you would need a girl name, too. Good luck!!
    -Stephanie Pither

  10. Gina from my FB page couldn't comment here, but she says "I tried to post this suggestion at RaspberryKidz, but I do not have the correct profile. I think this little piggie should be called: "Ham I Am!" Then she said "Oh, and I think the series should be called "No Swine Before its Time."" If you pick hers let me know and I'll get you in touch. I said I'd let you know her comments. :)