Friday, June 10, 2011

These Girls are DARLING!

This was our last PreK Art Lunch class, and I have to say, these girls really are darling. I'm sure I've mentioned it to each of their mothers individually, but they were such a joy to meet with every week. All three of them were sweet and had such nice manners, it made our time together so nice.

I wasn't even planning on posting anything for our last class, but I just had to start taking pictures when Kaylee took out her drink, and it had a fancy little umbrella on the straw....because, for our last day, we read three "Fancy Nancy" books. The umbrella was definitely fancy. Then Madi took out her sandwiches, cut in petite, squares, which reminded me of a fancy tea party. I asked Beatrice what she wanted to show that was fancy, and she chose her fancy raincoat. 

All three girls were all familiar with Fancy Nancy, but I don't think any of them read all three that we covered. One thing I really like about Fancy Nancy (besides the adorable illustrations), is that this young girl is so different from the rest of her family (especially her "plain" mom). I can relate to this because sometimes I wonder, about my son and daughter, where did they getthat?

The books are cute and sweet and celebrate being fancy along with unconditional love and doing the right thing. The girls made some magnificent (that's a fancy word for great) fancy picture frames.....


  1. Very nice! These girls are really very talented and cute.
    Keep posting like that!

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