Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Under the Influence-Vincent Van Gogh

Today's art class was FANTASTIC. Not only did the kids create gorgeous works of art, but they all finished and everyone helped with the cleanup. Sometimes things just go so smoothly. I want to thank all of the kids for behaving so well, trying their hardest and cooperating so well at clean-up time!

This week we learned about Vincent Van Gogh. In the past, the students painted Starry Night or Sunflowers. This session, I tried a different version of Starry Night, one that had a few different steps to it (oil pastels, painting, cutting, pasting and , of course, some glitter). This project is definitely a keeper. I love these "Starry Chicago Nights!" (wind and all).


  1. Nice take on Starry Night, Rachel, isn't it great when everyone helps clean up :)

    (Now I have the Don Mclean song stuck in my head, Starry, Starry Night.......:) T.

  2. Van Gogh's one of my faves~
    They all did a great job!